Use cases

Discover our main use cases

It is our goal to maximize the value of transversal services. We build the digital nutritionist, integrating ourselves into the applications that users use to eat and take care of themselves.


Food Delivery Platforms

Break the concept of food delivery as occasional use service, integrating 4eat in your service. Increase average orders per month by using your restaurants to help your users eat better and take care of their health using all the resources available in their city.


Fitness Platforms

Get the most out of your devices and expand your margins by adding nutrition. Adapt users' meals to their workouts, and make them happier by improving their health. We use the data in real time to optimize the diet, considering the culture of each country


Wearable Platforms

Take advantage of your data and give your users access to a balanced diet that listens to their body. We use the data provided by your device to generate and optimize your users' nutritional plan in real time.


Meal Kits Services

Increase recurrence and adoption of your service by interconnecting it with the user's day-to-day life. Model your meals to optimize the nutritional plan according to each user. Generate habits and follow up around the diet.